The Günter Thiele Foundation as a part of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany) aims to promote teaching and research in Communication Management, Public Relations, and Strategic Communication.

Foundation goal

Our goals

The Günter Thiele Foundation is committed to research and teaching in the field of communication management  at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, as well as to promoting young academics. This is realized through the promotion of various projects: starting with the Günter-Thiele-Award and Research Fellowship as well as the initiatives Academic Society for Management & Communication, the Center for Research in Financial Communication and the Center for History & Corporate Communication.

The Articles of Association form the basis of the Foundation’s work. The Günter Thiele Foundation  is administered by the  German Foundation Center.

Its predecessor was the Foundation for the Promotion of PR Science at the University of Leipzig, which was established in 2000.

Our founder – Günter F. Thiele

The Günter Thiele Foundation is named after its founder and mentor, Dr. h.c. Günter F. Thiele.

Günter Thiele is considered a formative personality for PR consulting in Germany. At the end of the 1960s, Günter Thiele was the owner and managing director of ABC Presse-Information, the largest communications agency in Germany at the time.

In May 2002, Günter Thiele received an honorary doctorate from the University of Leipzig. He was honored for his contributions to the development of public relations in science and practice. Günter Thiele is an honorary member of the Gesellschaft der Public Relations Agenturen e.V. (GPRA).

The Günter Thiele Foundation is committed to the will and vision of its founder Günter Thiele.

Career of Dr. h.c. Günter F. Thiele

  • Born February 12, 1934 in Bitterfeld, Germany
  • Studies of German language and literature, psychology, and philosophy at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
  • Journalist at the Leipzig station of the GDR radio
  • 1959 Move to the Federal Republic
  • Works journalist in internal communications at Henkel in Düsseldorf
  • Copywriter at the advertising agency R. W. Eggert
  • from 1968 co-owner and managing director of the PR agency ABC Presse-Information
  • Since the 1990s, commitment to PR research at the University of Leipzig
  • Co-founder of the “Foundation for the Promotion of PR Science” (SPRL) at the University of Leipzig, now the Günter Thiele Foundation

Executive Board



Karen Berger

Managing Director of the Academic Society for Management & Communications

Ute Lauermann

Foundation manager